Fun morning
News Story updated on Saturday Aug 16th

23 children, aged up to 11 years, together with mums and grandparents, gathered for a morning of activities on Wednesday August 13th.

The theme was the story of the "very hungry caterpillar" and the crafts included making caterpillars and butterflies                                                                           in various ways. A floor art caterpillar now sits on the corridor; butterflies were made with clothes pegs,                                                                                             card and glitter; fresh fruit was used to make a caterpillar picture on a paper plate while pasta helped to show the life cycle of the bitterfly;                                     "fruit trees" were planted in pots of sand and scraps from the Scrapstore made very colourful caterpillars. Painting is always poplar and sponge and potato prints made wonderful caterpillars

The story reminds us that the caterpillar changed into a beautiful butterfly and it hoped that the children will remember,                                                                   when they see a butterfly, that as we grow we must be sure that our lives are beautiful

The morning ended with a popular cartoon DVD


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