Messy Play Fun Morning and Ark Bus
News Story updated on Sunday Apr 12th

Although only a few children attended ( probably because the weather was so beautiful and families had gone out or away for the holidays)

the children had a good time cutting, pasting, colouring and painting.

Pictures and models of chicks, lambs, flowers, butterflies, birds' nests, and frog spawn were all made with great eagerness

Seeds were planted to take home in small pots.

Cakes were decorated as nests with mini chocolate eggs - and then eaten and enjoyed!

Decorated crosses denoted the importance of the resurrection and new life for us all


Messy Narnia was the theme for the  Ark Bus afternoon.

After the Lion Quest in Broadmead the children decorated lions and made lion masks representing Aslan in the Narnia story.

Easter biscuits were decorated.

There was a Easter egg trail followed by  a stopry and snacks upstairs in the bus. A "goody bag" was available for the children to take home.

A very good afternoon for the children who were able to come. Thank you Cherie and Annie

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